klaviyo Changes

For Checkout Links!

Add the following code to the End of Any Abandoned Checkout Links

{% if last_name == '.' %}&step=contact_information{% endif %}

This basically tells klaviyo that if no last name exists that we should send them to the contact information part of the checkout form to enter in their details.

For Button Blocks

For Button Blocks that link directly to an abandoned checkout you must select the original button block and click the question mark next to the cancel and save buttons

[Build Status]

then click “on” to activate the condition and add the following line in the input box

last_name != "."

it should look like this

[Build Status]

you have now set it so that Checkout Grabber customers wont see the original checkout button, now we can duplicate a button just for the checkout grabber customers to see.

Duplicate the button block

[Build Status]

Then Click the question mark on the new block, Click “on” to enable the condition and then add the following line into the input box

last_name == "."

Then add the following code to the end of the link for this button


That’s it …you’re done!

make sure to do this for every template you use that includes an abandoned cart checkout link or button