Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Digital Goods: All digital plans, services, e-books, and recordings, being non-tangible, irrevocable goods are instantly delivered to the preferred email address that a client enters at checkout. If you are unhappy with the product due to malfunction or any reason please contact customer care to resolve this matter or to be issued a refunded.

As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our Site and ensuring you've purchased the product you intended to. Additionally, access of media notwithstanding, no product or service shall be re-issued or refunded more than seven business days from the initial purchase date. 

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which The B Palace LLC collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a "User") of the  website ("Site"). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by The B Palace LLC.


Website Refund Policy:

All Sales are final. Refunds are handle case by case.

Once Information has been collected from our staff and sent over to our design team, you have 24 Hours for a Refund Request ONLY if the project has not been started.


Marketing Refund Policy:

All Sales are final. Refunds are handled case by case.


50% refund after you have completed full on-boarding and your ad account manager was assigned, ads were NOT placed.


NO REFUNDS once your ads are placed, or active and running.


NO REFUNDS after your 30 day of service has been completed.


NO REFUNDS after 30 days have passed whether or not on-boarding was completed (at the fault of the client). You still may complete your service.


NO REFUNDS on deposits made to lock in a spot with a marketer if 30 days have passed since the deposit was made. You still may complete your service. 


Your 30 day of service will begin 48 hours after on-boarding is completed.


NO REFUNDS if your Facebook ad account gets disabled. We will help you get a new account but that is not guaranteed. We do not own, control, or have influence over what Facebook decides about account restrictions, we're an agency that uses the Facebook Ad Platform.


NO REFUNDS if your Facebook account starts glitching. Unfortunately Facebook is a platform that has lots of bugs/glitches. These issues can be resolved within time either with our team or simply waiting on Facebook support to help us. Any glitches with Facebook will not be held against your time with us. 


Business in a Box GUARANTEE: Full Refund of Marketing services ($1,000), which was bundled into the price of the Ultimate Website Package if no sales have been generated after 30 DAYS OF ADS RUNNING. If you purchased our marketing packages that are not bundled in with our website services, then you will be refunded for the amount of the package you purchased. The client must complete 30 days of ads running, must utilize our advice when it comes to content creatives, and website/funnel changes or the guarantee does not apply. If the guarantee does not apply, then your refund as a client will depend on your eligibility based on the criteria mentioned above in this refund policy. No refunds for website services with the "Business In Box Bundle Package". 


Build A Brand GUARANTEE: Full Refund of 6 Figure Blueprint Course ($2,500), which was bundled into the price of the Build a Brand Package at a discounted rate. If the client doesn’t achieve 6 figures+ after 12 MONTHS OF APPLYING WHAT IS MENTIONED VIA THE COURSE, AND LIVE WEBINARS, THEN THE CLIENT WILL QUALIFY FOR A REFUND VALUED IN $2,500. The client must complete 100% of the course to qualify for this guarantee. No refunds for website services or marketing services with this package. 

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee results, every client is different. We are not responsible for your ad creatives, or website. We are also not responsible for the glitches and restrictions on your account set by Facebook as we are not Facebook, we simply just use their platform to provide marketing services.